Anyone who trailers a boat knows the problems a trailer can give you if you do not maintain the trailer especially a trailer used in saltwater. Let me first start by asking some of you if you’ve ever noticed boat trailers at the ramp you use? For instance the wheels, lug nuts, the brackets holding the bunk boards? In my experience it appears to me at least 90% of the boater who trailer have done little to prevent corrosion on their trailer. Why? I’m not sure why, maybe it’s lack of knowledge or and I hate to say it, Laziness. Either Way I going to explain a very simple and cost effective way to protect your trailer and help some of you add years of usage to your boat trailer that requires very little time. Watch a quick video here.



There are two products I’ve used for over a decade with flawless results. The first is Never-Seez Mariner’s Choice. The Second is Amsoil HD Metal Protector. Both of these products are exceptional at corrosion protection when it comes to saltwater. I personally have never had a situation where I could not get a lug nut off or have an axle rust through due to saltwater corrosion. I also understand there are a ton of products on the market they may accomplish the same results I’m just giving the facts of what I’ve been using for years to help you eliminate the guesswork.


First start by jacking up one side of your trailer and removing each lug nut and tire you should also use a jackstand for safety reasons especially if the boat is on the trailer. Once the tire is removed coat each stud with the never-seez compound(A brush applicator is included w/can) at this point you can then spay your axle, leaf springs, torsion axles with the Amsoil HD metal protector. You will repeat the same procedure for each tire and axle. You will also want to use the Amsoil HD on any nut, bolt or bracket. Allow Amsoil product at least twelve hours drying time before submerging in water. Depending on you boat trailer size this whole procedure shouldn’t take more than an hour or two. Again, this is a very simple maintenance process that will help alleviate numerous headaches and save you a lot of money down the road. Lastly, you’ll still want to always rinse your boat trailer with freshwater after every use. Until next time Happy Boating! See Video here.