For over 20 years I’ve been preaching the benefits of using 303 Aerospace Protectant to protect your boat from the inside out from the harmful UV rays. Before you say it’s just another product that might work I’m here to tell you factually it does work. I have had several boats over the years and each one was always treated every several weeks to a 303 wipe down and after years in the sun and continually used in a saltwater environment my boats have always looked like new.

Whether you’re wiping down your vinyl seats, gelcoat, fiberglass, rubber rub rail or your trailer tires you’ll notice the protection difference immediately. I also use 303 protectant under the cowling of my Yamaha engines on all the plastic covers to keep them looking like new. Again, this was all personally documented in real world experience from the harsh marine environment of Southwest Florida.

Applying the product is effortless and takes only minutes to apply so there should be no excuse or reason not to use the product. The benefits are so numerous when you factor in all the stuff 303 Aerospace Protectant  can protect so please visit their website for more extensive info or to purchase. You can see a quick video here  for the ease of application. Taking care of your boat is not difficult at all if you know the right types of products to use. I hope my years of boating experience and advice will help you enjoy your boat that much more.