With the spring and Summer boating season getting underway it’s time to not just think about the maintenance on your boat but actually doing the maintenance in order to keep your boat running in top condition. Here is an overview of  the products I use annually and semi-annually to keep my boat running like new. All of these tips and recommendations I’m giving you are based on years of experience which I hope can help you save money and keep your boat experience trouble free.

Maintaining your boat is relatively easy, you do not need to be expert mechanic to change oil, grease fittings, change gear-lube or to charge your battery. You only need to set aside a day or two and have a little patience. I personally enjoy doing the maintenance on my boat but if you feel more comfortable have your local certified marine mechanic do the annual maintenance for you.

Today, I’m going to highlight each product I use and expand on them over the next several weeks as each item deserves a more in-depth overview. See Video here: Boat Maintenance


1) STA-BIL 360 Marine Fuel Treatment

2) Amsoil Marine Engine Oil & Grease

3) Yamalube Gear Case Lube

4) CorrosionX

5) Fuel/Water Separator 10 Micro Filter

6) Lower Unit Gear Case Washers

7) NOCCO On-Board Battery Charger 

Again, please watch the brief Boat Maintenance video to see more and I will highlight each item over the next several weeks. Until then, get out there and catch a fish!