As we head offshore another beautiful March morning our target species was Grouper, Snapper, Porgy and other reef fish. Our boat ride takes us about an hour and a half to reach the first destination so that gives us time to speak with other and cover questions for my clients. On the boat ride out we notice numerous shrimp boats starting about ten miles out to 30 miles out, in-fact that is the most shrimp boats I’ve personally noticed in the past 10+ years off Sanibel Island. I’m guessing the shrimping must be good.



We arrived at the first spot and set everyone up on lite tackle for offshore fishing(30lb. braid). We are using cut squid wings and squirrel fish attached to 4/0 & 5/0 eagle claw circle hooks with 3oz. egg sinkers. On the very first drop we immediately hooked-up with grouper and snapper and the bite was on! The first several grouper were undersized and released and after about ten minutes we starting catching the legal sized grouper. This is the key to bottom fishing spending at least 15-20 minutes after the bite starts to get the bigger fish excited. We also boxed some nice lane snapper and porgy.



The rest of the day we only moved two more times with the same great production. We also got cut off a few times with a fish on. I’m guessing a shark, barracuda or king-fish since the cutoffs we clean and quick. We were able to hook a few sharks(video posted below) which were exciting since the clients have never caught one with both being decent size fish.  One of the odd fish we caught was a lizard fish(huge mouth and full of teeth).



All in all it was another great day fishing 40+ miles out on a calm Gulf of Mexico! Watch Shark video of the days catch and release. Until next week, tight lines!