For years now I’ve been a huge advocate of the use of fuel treatment for marine engines mainly due to the introduction of Ethanol in gasoline and we all know the potential damage Ethanol can cause in marine engines. I trailer and use my boat regularly so for me it’s very easy to pull into the gas station a fill-up. The problem is all of these gas stations contain ethanol in their fuel with few exceptions. This is where Marine STA-Bil 360 comes in, I always add the product to my fuel take prior to adding fuel. This method has never left me stranded offshore with a fuel related problem. In-fact I usually burn an average of 50-60 gallons of fuel on each fishing trip so I can factually attest to the importance of using Sta-Bil 360. My 2004 twin F150hp Yamaha’s purr like a kitten and perform like the day I bought them almost 13 years ago. I’m more than a believer in this product and I will never leave the dock without it in my gas tank.


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The benefits of Marine Sta-Bil 360






Sta-Bil 360 is especially important to seasonal boaters that do not utilize their boat for months at a time. I live in SWFL where a lot of boaters live mainly in Northern States during the summer months when condensation can really cause problems in fuel tanks. Sta-Bil 360 eliminates this problem with an exclusive Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor that protects the entire fuel system, keeps the fuel fresh and eliminates costly engine repairs. Talk about piece of mind!

Lastly, whether you’re using ethanol or non-ethanol gasoline in your marine engine, using Sta-Bil 360 should be a habit during every single fill-up to help keep your entire fuel system clean and prolong your engines life. Look at it this way, spend a few dollars now or thousands later because you need a new engine or a major repair. A bottle of Sta-Bil 360 is cheap insurance and can make your boating experience that much more enjoyable.